Clinical Hypnotherapy for Treatments

Scientific research demonstrates that our mind affects our biology, and it is now well established that the mind/body connection is essential to our Well-being. With recent advances in brain imagery and other technologies researchers are able to explore in greater depth the profound connection between our thoughts and our physical body.


Hypnotherapy is about getting the power of the mind on board to help improve the health and Well-being of both the emotional self and the physical body. You can begin to make the changes you want, to your automatic behaviors and emotional reactions so they become positive for you instead of negative or self-limiting.


Clinical Hypnotherapy can assist with a wide range of physical and emotional issues, such as:



Research shows that when people are in a hypnotic state it alters the way the brain processes information.  In this way hypnosis can allow us to achieve those things we have struggled to do with our everyday conscious mind. It helps us access the resources we have in our subconscious mind so that we can replace old response circuits with new desirable ones.


When you are in the very comfortable state of physical and mental relaxation that you experience during hypnotherapy, the ‘busy’ conscious mind can take time out. You are then able to tap into the power of your sub-conscious mind to find solutions and develop new behaviours that support your desired goals.


So if you are ready to, you can discover how to transform negative physical and emotional patterns in your life, and learn to develop different possibilities of experience that will bring in positive change where you need it.


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