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I have rarely met a therapist as gentle, empathetic and compassionate as Marian. She has a wonderful ability to make you feel secure in sharing the problems you wish to deal with in a totally non-judgemental manner which makes healing so much easier. Marian helped me solve a condition I have had all my life, (at 73 years that is no mean feat!) and I shall be eternally grateful to her.  Thank you  Marian.   Judy O  


“Marian is a wonderful, caring hypnotherapist who works from her heart. During my hypnotherapy session with Marian I went into a very deep trance state and felt I was in a safe space. Marian is compassionate, empathetic and dedicated to the healing arts. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable hypnotherapist.”    –  “Glenn Harrold –  UK’s celebrity award audio/author,  hypnotherapist  and  world self-help leader”  


My name is Mark Dennis and I live and work in Bali, Indonesia.   My life took a turn for the worse recently with traumatic news about my partner . This became a mental strain on my daily routine, but in walks this amazing woman into my restaurant in Legian, Bali.    Her name was Marian Cameron, she took me to a new place in life which bought me out of my state of worthlessness and shock with her hypnotherapy healing powers and although I only had 2 sessions I am in much better place …….my thanks to her not only as a healer but now as a lifelong friend are endless.   Marian you are a priceless. – Mark D


About three months ago I attended one of you sessions to undergo the hypnotherapy to stop smoking.  I have not had one smoke since the session, not even a drag, with no real desire to have one either.I am the fittest I have ever been , having a great  triathalon season and about to start training for the elite  TRG (Tactice Response Group)  Police Unit.   Something just not possible whilst being a smoker. I would have paid ten times the amount if I knew it was going to be so effective. I do understand that one needs to be compelled to give up, and so have recommended you to some family and friends.   Happy to give you a testimonial!    Love ya!    Thank you so much. Chris B


‘I knew all the things I should be doing and the things that I wanted to be doing.  Marian gave me the priceless gift of joining my subconscious mind to the conscious mind to make those thoughts a reality.  My mind was given permission to become the person I had only ever dreamed of.  Bad habits removed. I nurture and nourish myself and I’m now extremely confident in myself and the decisions I make.  I’m happier, stronger, less stressed and have more to give others than I’ve ever had.  It’s a truly amazing feeling.  Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel that towards you Marian and the skills you have developed to help people like me.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.     Amanda G


“Marian Cameron is a great hypnotherapist.   As a hypnotherapist Marian has a magnetic voice that feels as if it is coming from within your own heart.   She is empathic, compassionate and fascinates you with her ability to articulate to you those feelings and fears that you struggled with for years and do not even know what to call them”  –   Dr   Moutasim Al-Shaer  MD,  FACP


Hi Marian, I have been quietly referring you to everyone I meet, because I think you are awesome.  When I came to see you I smoked a packet of cigarettes a day, drank alcohol, was overweight and unfit.  I used to guzzle 10 plus coffee’s a day, be highly stressed and was lucky to be able to exercise for 10 minutes without throwing up.  The 2 sessions we had together were amazing, I haven’t had a cigarette or a drink from that day 4 years ago, and  I now have balance in my life. I estimate you have saved me over $40,000 in cigarettes and alcohol since in the past 4 years, plus I now run marathons and exercise regularly ... so the health benefits are enormous. I can now jump on my bike on a weekend and cycle 90km to Mandurah and have a coffee at the Dome on the waterfront.  At 45, I’m the fittest, healthiest and least stressed I have ever been.  Coming to see you for hypnotherapy is probably the best investment I have ever made. Paul Magiatis – Property Investment Specialist


Hi Marian – I came to see you two years ago for Chocolate Addiction and it worked a treat.   I still don’t think even about about it and I can be around other people eating it and it still doesn’t bother me – it’s unbelievable.  I have recommended you to other people – it has stunned me completely the way it works.” – A R – Triathlete

I have had several sessions for weight loss with Marian I can definately say that I feel stronger, more motivated and more positive in my journey. I am starting to see the effects now, which further motivates me.  I have suffered from insomnia for years, and Marian has taught me how to relax.,  so the benefits have been twofold for me. Thanks again Marian.    Marita B  –  Nurse


Marian Cameron is a professional hypnotherapist that has been practicing in Perth WA now for a number of years. Her treatment, professionalism and knowledge is admired by her colleagues and she is an active member of the Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia (PHWA Inc.).   I am personally aware of Marian’s treatment regime and strategy and have experienced first-hand her caring, professional and dedicated treatment strategies and would recommend Marian’s treatments without reservation to anyone.    M  Werts – President – PHWA Inc. Aust Acad of Hypnosisâ„¢ 


I’m not sure what you did, but you certainly cleared my mind no end. I can think and imagine now, not just live in a rut.  It’s marvellous to be able to think again.  Thank you. R. K   –  Woodvale


Marian Cameron ,  thank you very much for your hypnosis sessions , after the first session with you I was able to throw away my cigarettes , it was amazing I didnt want a cig .    As you know i booked another session with you after your second session you also helped me with some other health issues I had .   I highly recommend your hypnosis sesion to any one who is considering giving up smoking – it really does work , you have not only helped with my health but have saved me a substantial amount of money ,  again thank you , and to any one who is thinking of using your services I cannot recommend you highly enough .    John P  – Health Centre


Just a note of appreciation on getting me over by Dental Phobia – I don’t think (I know) I could not have done it without your very professional approach – again “Thank You”. I still don’t believe I sat in a dental chair and sang along with the background music while getting my teeth pulled –    A million  “Thank Yous”   –   Bob Hyde – Photographer


“Marian has a very calming nature and instantly put me at ease by carefully explaining the stop-smoking hypnotism procedure in a clear and logical manner.  The experience itself was very relaxing and you are aware of your surroundings and in complete control throughout.  Since undertaking Marian’s stop smoking session, I have not had a single craving or missed smoking once.   Put simply, it works.” –   NH –   Joondalup



Sorry this wont be short as it was a very important time of my life when I went to see Marian.. Doctors had caused havoc for me with a botched operation and I had to get another op to fix the first one sort of thing..Anyway it was complicated and I ended up worse off and found out the hard way that stress causes problems all over your body…..Next thing was I got a lump in my throat and every time I went to swallow it drove me nuts even stopping me from eating my favorite foods..I went to the Doctor who sent me to a specialist who stuck this flexible tube down my throat and told me there was nothing there. Can’t remember but I think it was at least $170 for the 15 mins I was in there..I went back to the doctor and he sent me for an endoscopy(I think it was called that they knocked me out and stuck a longer tube down my throat)…Can’t remember how much that was but it came up negative..Went back to the Doctors and I asked to go to a different specialist and he said the same thing..NOTHING THERE .At this stage my swallowing was getting worse and couldn’t eat anything with seeds or nuts and even boiled potatoes was getting hard to swallow so I googled it and found that several people had this problem and they just bamixed their food or grinded the meat down completely and apparently you get used to living like this….Now you would think I would learn after all this time but I knew this lump was there and I was annoyed at them all for not finding it so beleive it or not I went back to the first specialist again and told myself after this visit I would learn to live with it……YOU GUESSED IT NOTHING THERE…..My husband came home one day and had heard a talk back show on the radio about hypnotherapy and how it had cured a man’s schlocus(sorry can’t spell it) and the doctors had done nothing to help. I couldn’t be bothered and didn’t beleive in hypnotherapy but my husband said I might as well give it a try..Picked up phone book..went to a female therapist near by and nothing happened….Picked up phone book again found the biggest advert two pages I think so thought this man in West Perth must be good….I went to him twice….nothing happened…Ready to give up when my friend Pauline Fitzpatrick suggested Marian and said that she had heard excellent comments about Marian and people even drive up for Collie to see her…Now I knew Marian but hadn’t seen her for a long time and didn’t really know she was doing this hypnotherapy but I thought to myself “mmmmm Marian is so calm and lovely and nothing ever bothers her, she is so laid back mmmmm Yes I want what she’s got”
Went to Marian, sat outside in the car for a few minutes with nerves and drinking water…Went in Marian talked to me for ages about everything I was doing at present and she took notes all the time…she was genuinely interested in everything I was saying then put me in this chair and talked to me for ages..or my sub conscience not sure …I had been in there for 2 hours (but I’m special ha ha) then Marian gave me a bottled water and went to send me on my way without charging me…I insisted and she excepted a small amount..Go’s to show she was just so concerned about me the money was secondry(don’t get excited this was cause we were friends in the past). Well you want to know the outcome?? I sat in the car and nervously tried a swallow and “GONE” …I couldn’t beleive it ! Drove quickly home cause I didn’t want to try a swallow again and be disappointed (think I held my breath all the way home)…Anyway got home and no lump ….whhhooooopeeeee…sat down eating 2 rounds of sandwiches and soup and laughing all the time…A big change from the night before sucking up runny mashed potato.….The lump never returned…I have more stories to tell but better stop for now.  You see I have seen Marian a few times since for different reasons and she is the most genuine, caring, honest person you could wish to meet, I swear by her..To add to all this positive feedback Marian reads books all the time and knows everything about the mind and body and what it needs to run successfully. I am a fitness fanatic but Marian can teach me a thing or to. There has been times in the house when I’ve been upset or depressed and my kids just run and find Marian’s CD and lie me back on the lounge massaging my feet or head and they know this is the cure….Thanks Marian sorry for raving…well I’m not really your worth raving about ………… 

This story is amazing but the whole truth ring me on 93055425 if anyone has any questions.     Joy Locker Stawarz 

I went to the Hypnotherapist (Marian) in July 2011 smoking 25 cigarettes a day an after leaving smoked none for 5 months – so Hypnotherapy worked for me –  Roy G- Ocean Reef

SMOKE FREE – 2 years – I haven’t had a cig. I feel so good, thank you, thank you, thank you. –  L Beckwith

I would like to thank you for the time you gave me – I have come away inspired! Marian you are doing the perfect work for your Soul’s journey.   Continue to be a blessing and be blessed  –  Merran  


I’ve been a smoker for over 20 years and I’ve tried to quit so many times. Hypnotherapy not only helped me become cigarette free but also helped me with how to deal with my stress –   S Alexander

I had smoked for fourteen years – originally for Social reasons, then Addiction and then Stress. I was on 2 pkts a day when I saw Marian.   After only 1 session – I haven’t smoked for 3 1/2 years.  I sent my friend along 6 months after I had stopped and she also has not smoked since – now 3 years. The saving of not smoking helped me buy a house a year ago.   Thanks Marian.  – Doug B – Manager.


I walked out a non-smoker, my family and I still can’t believe it.  I’ve tried many times before to quit and this time I quit and best of all, with little irritation and stress. My family can’t believe how calm and relaxed I am. –   Peter J.


Thank you Marian…I’ve quit and didn’t gain any weight. In fact I’m walking every day now and feeling great! ….Jane R. 


THANK YOU  for helping me to quit smoking.  I have tried many times in the past, even using all the nicotine substitutes, with very little effect.  This is the first time I have felt confident and sure that I am well on my way to being smoke free for ever!     J –   Karratha  – Oct ’11


Hi Marian – my husband and I we love being non smokers thank you!!!    J & A – Karratha  -Dec ’11 


‘Thanks again for the treatment, I am happy to report that not one cigarette has passed these lips and my fingernails seem to be growing! :)))))  am v happy!’  –  Sarah T – Karratha  –  Dec ‘11


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