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  • stop-smokingNO nasty side effects
  • NO pills or supplements
  • NO nausea
  • NO headaches
  • NO patches
  • NO additional costs
  • NO homework
  • NO extra weight



For years now I’ve been sharing this powerful Stop Smoking program with many Smokers just like yourself.   You’ve heard about hypnotherapy or of my services from a friend or colleague with success, still be in need of a little convincing or just want to know a little more before you decide to break up with your smoking relationship.

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The thought of Stop Smoking can be so overwhelming … and you are not alone ….. it can be like being stuck in a state of anxiety …but what if…..you are

 ….  already hypnotised ….. to keep Smoking!

Think about it!    SMOKING is a very HYPNOTIC habit!!!…….. a media washed….. mental and chemical trick ….…. making the body sick ….…what keeps you stuck …… dragged down….. stealing time, strength, money and oxygen ……and really …… what for!!


Smoking is stopped so easily by the very part of you that is helping you to Smoke…. your sub-conscious mind.   

Hypnotherapy makes Simple sense.

This Method combines advanced Quantum Hypnosis, Visualisation, NLP (language patterning) and Mesmerism = Success.


This Easy method will do all the work for you – equating to the results of  hundreds I have implemented it to.    Clear the old paradigms  “I don’t have enough will power to stop”  and  simply Relax  –  and let your subconscious take care of it.


I’ve was once a smoker just like you.   So strong was my passion to research into the man made smoking habit and understanding  ….. I found I delved  into the hidden tricks   eg. media,  FSC,

Your reasons to smoke ….. are old and tired?

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Enjoy improved health and energy – breathing clearly, freshly and feeling better about yourself than you have in years

  • Years restored back to your life and family
  • That amazing feeling of achieving that ultimate goal
  • Never again trying to hide your habit or removing yourself from social situations.


This unique Stop Smoking Program has worked for THOUSANDS of SMOKERS just like you.  I have so much confidence in this therapy, that if you don’t Stop Smoking in one session – you are invited back within the month or until you have made your money back – complementary!

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95% success rate of a “Stop Smoking In One Hour” technique –  Report by Michael O’Driscoll. 300 subjects followed up by telephone over a two year period. Although this was not considered a scientific clinical trial it does support the high success rates claimed for hypnotherapy as an effective method for stopping smoking.

94% 1000 people stop smoking with hypnotherapy for 18 months or more.  Von Dedenroth, T (1968) American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

88% Success with hypnotherapy based on one years’ follow up.  Kline, M.(1970) International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

67% – 88% Published research findings by Watkins, Sanders and Hall for Hypnotherapy.

60% Single session hypnosis using latest relaxation methods

30% Suggestion hypnosis only or just listening to cassette tapes.

29% Exercise and breathing therapy

25% Aversion therapy

24% Acupuncture

20% Nicotine patches + seeing a counsellor

10% Nicotine gum

6% Will power alone


*The above table based on information in the New Scientist article of 31st October 1992,Vol 136  and in the book Stop Smoking in One Hour:  published by John Blake Publishing  

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Rapid Repair – what happens to your self healing body when you stop smoking

Within 20 mins – blood pressure back to normal

After 8 hours – oxygen levels return to normal

After 24 hours – all CO is eliminated

After 48 hours – nicotine is eliminated

After 72 hours – breathing easier

After 2-12 months – circulation improves

After 3-9 months – lung function up by 10%

After 5 years – risk of lung cancer decrease

After 10-15 yrs – lung cancer risk to normal

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(Latest medical evidence from American chest physicians)

“Hypnotherapy patients are more likely to be non-smokers”   Hospitalized patients who smoke may be more likely to quit smoking through the use of hypnotherapy than patients using other smoking cessation methods. A new study presented at CHEST 2007, the 73rd annual international scientific assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), shows that smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be non-smokers at 6 months compared with patients using nicotine replacement therapy alone or patients who quit ‘cold turkey’

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