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Have you noticed increased migraine-like headaches, nausea, a copper metallic taste in your mouth, dry coughing and  burning eyes?

This is not an effect of the tobacco, but a new cigarette glue that manufacturers are forced to use at the seam of the cigarette paper.  This glue is called ethylene vinyl acetate, better known as – CARPET GLUE!

These new “fire safe” cigarettes are made with 3 layers of paper, which requires triple the glues of past cigarettes. They contain what are referred to as ‘speed bumps’, (made from this highly toxic carpet glue) all the way down the shaft.

These are designed to reduce oxygen flow, so that the cigarette will quickly extinguish if nobody is inhaling it. In fact, this often puts the cigarette out too early, causing the smoker to re-ignite several times throughout a cigarette.

This is particularly ironic, because the ignition is the most dangerous part of smoking, in terms of fire safety and carcinogenic toxins.

In addition, it forces the smoker to puff more deeply, and more frequently than they otherwise would, while smoking a considerably more toxic cigarette.

A study by the Harvard School of Health revealed that tar, carbon monoxide, and naphthalene levels were higher in the new fire safe cigarettes. In fact, according to their study, every chemical, except nicotine, was higher in fire-safe cigarettes, encouraging smokers to inhale the toxins more deeply.

Symptoms of acute exposure include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, confusion, anemia, jaundice, convulsions, and coma. It can also cause neurological effects in infants. From these things, it is concluded that non-fire safe cigarettes are safer than their fire-safe counterparts…….and these are the effects of just one chemical.

Naphthalene is an insecticide and a bi-product of the coal tar industry –  It is also a core part of the new “safe” cigarettes!   Exposure to high amounts of naphthalene can result in irreversible damage to the eyes and liver, according to the E.P.A.   and on it goes etc…..

Deadly by design. You can identify cigarettes with this carpet glue by the letters FSC (fire safe cigarette) near the barcode or anywhere on the pack.

(Stop Smoking in One Hour – Quantum Hypnosis – Marian Cameron – Clinical Hypnotherapist)

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