Hypnotic therapy has been used in hospitals in the United States for some time doctornow, and the research tells us that when hypnotherapy is utilised pre-operatively there is less bleeding during surgery, faster healing and a faster recovery rate. Your body heals better and you get well faster.


The mind/body connection is intrinsically important to our health and overall wellbeing. In preparing for surgery it is very helpful to utilise the power of the mind to tap into the healing abilities of the body to support recovery. Establishing a positive mindset around an upcoming surgery helps reduce the depleting effects of stress on the body and allows the body’s energy resources to be spent on repairing and restoring health.


Many of the world’s hospitals now use hypnosis and guided imagery techniques as part of their health care programs because hypnotherapy offers an effective, relaxing, drug free choice for promoting health and Well-being. It is said that ‘What the mind agrees with, the body responds to’. You can utilise hypnotherapy to help you communicate with the trusted team of your mind and body, to help them get on with the business of healing and recovery even faster and more effectively.




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