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Stress at work is responsible for depression and anxiety in one in five workers.


Happy and relaxed staff will remain employees 2longer, meaning less recruitment costs and disruption.


Fly-in Fly-out  is increasingly placing  pressure on relationships and home-life.


Hypnotherapy has been known to deal with Work Stress related issues.


Corporate Therapy can take the form of a regular visit to your workplace or as a group session.


Consultations can be arranged on site subject to a suitably quiet environment.


To further discuss packages, requirements, fees and benefits to your company please feel free to call me on

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Smoke-Free Group Sessions


The Smoke-free Workplace can encourage and support to their employee’s.


It is estimated that a smoker spends approx 115 hours per year on unauthorised cigarette breaks. Eg for one employee this would cost $1955 a year. If you have 10 smokers, it’s cost you $19550 in smoking breaks alone!


  • Smokers take at least 5 extra days of sick leave per annum on averagegreentick
  • Smokers have approximately 34% increased rate of absenteeism,
  • 29% increased risk of industrial injury
  • 40% increased risk of occupational injury
  • For an average small to medium sized business the overall extra cost to a company of employing just one smoker is conservatively estimated at more than $5000 per year.    This equates to $50 000 per year if you employ 10 smokers!


Stop Smoking Group Sessions

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