Marian is a highly regarded Clinical Hypnotherapist with several years experience – based in Joondalup WA.

A member of NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)

Committee member of the PHA Inc (Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia) – registered  Professional member #0113 –

Registered with the ANHR (Australian National Registry of Hypnotherapy) #1300011

marian cameron memberships



  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Power / Rapid Hypnosis / Dr Rick Collingwood
  • Quantum Physiology/  Dr Marco Paret
  • Magnetista Emeritus (Mesmerism)
  • Licensed Hypno-Band (Gastric Lapband) Practitioner
  • Advanced Quantum Healing /  Cannon Technique Regressionalist
  • Specialist Stop Smoking in One Session
  • Professional Level Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Secretary  of  Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc
  • National Assoc Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Council of Australia




Marian Cameron is a professional hypnotherapist that has been practicing in Perth WA now for a number of years. Her treatment, professionalism and knowledge is admired by her colleagues and she is an active member of the Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia (PHA Inc.).   I am personally aware of Marian’s treatment regime and strategy and have experienced first-hand her caring, professional and dedicated treatment strategies and would recommend Marian’s treatments without reservation to anyone.    M  Werts – President – PHA Inc. Aust Acad of Hypnosisâ„¢


” I have been drawn into the  Art of Hypnosis and  the Ancient Principals  – I have studied many of the most up-to-date methods of Hypnosis Therapy in Europe, US and here in Australia – lastest trainings with Dr Paret’s Magnetista Quantum Physiology – France.

The greatest gain in knowledge though has come from my clients as  I constantly witness the effortless  positive change and innate healing that is  activated which lies within each of us.   Assisting in the  awareness of this internal intelligence has been a gift for me.

I carry a strong and long record of success with my programs due to the tailored specifics of the uniqueness of my clients. 

Sessions are held in the  strictest of confidence.

I look forward to assisting you access your true potential – your Success is my priority.

For more information please contact – consultation is complimentary.”

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Marian Cameron