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Marian Cameron – Stop Smoking Specialist, QHHT™ & Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist


Marian Cameron HypnotherapistYour Success is important to me –   REALLY IMPORTANT “


Stop Smoking in One Session Easy      

QHHT™ – Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique 

 Licensed Practitioner Hypno-Band™  (Lapband)

       (08) 9300 3073

       0413 367 099      

Your in safe hands Marian 45

I carry a strong and long record of success with my programs which are tailored to the uniqueness of You.





Whether you want to De-Stress, Release an Unwanted Habit, Conquer a crippling Fear, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Build your Confidence or just Strengthen your Ego…..HYPNOSIS WORKS!


You may even want a Business Edge to Improve Performance at Work, School, Stage or in Sports?   Getting Over a Relationship or accelerated Cellular Healing…..HYPNOSIS WORKS!

0413 367 099


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Five Stars Marian Cameron